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Pathways to the future


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Deaf Village Ireland


April Newsletter for Caritas Deaf Service


Catholic Institution
for Deaf People

Pope Francis's Easter Message

"Peace is possible, peace is a duty, and peace is everyone's prime responsibility."

3rd Sunday of Easter 2023

Saint Mark

Divine Mercy


Saint Catherine

of Siena

4th Sunday

of Easter 2023

Saint Joseph

the Worker

Saint Philip and

Saint James

5th Sunday

of Easter

Our Lady

of Fatima

6th Sunday

of Easter

The Ascension

of The Lord

Pentecost Sunday

Contact Us

23 Hannahstown Hill, Hannahstown, Belfast BT17 0LT, UK

For Direct Enquiries, contact the Parish Secretary on: 02890614567

Fr Patrick Devlin's mobile for Pastoral and Spiritual Support: 07910833699

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