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Happy New Year!

From Father Patrick Devlin

A video documenting Father Devlin's first few months in Hannahstown

Click here to watch the video

directly on Youtube

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Deaf Village Ireland


December Newsletter for Caritas Deaf Service


Catholic Institution
for Deaf People

The 1st Sunday of Advent


The 2nd Sunday of Advent


The 3rd Sunday of Advent


The 4th Sunday of Advent


The Nativity of

Our Lord Jesus Christ

January 1st

Mary, Mother of God

Saint Genevieve

Saint Felix

Saint Don Bosco

2nd Sunday

of Christmas

The Epiphany

of The Lord

The Baptism

of The Lord

2nd Sunday

of The Year

The Conversion

of Saint Paul

Octave of Prayer

for Christian Unity

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Contact Us

23 Hannahstown Hill, Hannahstown, Belfast BT17 0LT, UK

For Direct Enquiries, contact the Parish Secretary on: 02890614567

Fr Patrick Devlin's mobile for Pastoral and Spiritual Support: 07910833699

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