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Ushers/Welcoming Group

Ushers in the Catholic Church play a crucial role in creating a welcoming and orderly environment during Mass and other liturgical celebrations. Their responsibilities extend beyond simply seating people; they contribute to the overall atmosphere of reverence and hospitality within the parish community. 

Welcoming Parishioners and Visitors:
Greet and welcome parishioners and visitors as they enter the church.
Provide a warm and friendly presence to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Assistance with Seating:
Help parishioners find available seating, especially during busy Mass times.
Assist in accommodating individuals with special needs, families with small children, and elderly parishioners.

Distribution of Worship Aids:
Distribute worship aids, bulletins, or other printed materials to the congregation.
Ensure that parishioners have the necessary resources for full participation in the Mass.

Collecting and Presenting Offerings:
Collect the offertory contributions from the congregation during Mass.
Present the gifts of bread and wine to the priest or deacon during the Offertory.

Coordination of the Offertory Procession:
Coordinate the offertory procession, ensuring that individuals participating are ready and organized.
Assist in bringing the gifts to the altar with reverence and dignity.

Assistance with Communion Procession:
Guide and direct the congregation during the Communion procession, maintaining order and reverence.
Ensure a smooth flow of communicants to and from the altar.

Distribution of Bulletins:
Hand out bulletins or parish announcements as people leave the church after Mass.
Provide information on upcoming events and parish news.

Emergency Preparedness:
Be aware of emergency exits and procedures for evacuation if necessary.
Be prepared to assist in case of medical emergencies or other unforeseen situations.

Assistance to Individuals with Special Needs:
Be attentive to the needs of individuals with disabilities or special requirements.
Provide assistance in seating and communion for those who may require additional support.

Security and Order:
Help maintain a peaceful and orderly environment during Mass.
Address any disruptions or disturbances with discretion and courtesy.

Crowd Management:
Manage crowd flow during busy times, especially during major liturgical celebrations.
Assist with directing people during processions and movements within the church.

Cooperation with Liturgical Ministers:
Collaborate with other liturgical ministers, such as lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and musicians, to ensure smooth coordination during Mass.
Communicate effectively with the celebrant and other members of the worship team.

Preparation and Clean-Up:
Prepare the church for Mass, ensuring that the worship space is organized and ready.
Assist with clean-up after Mass, returning hymnals, collecting worship aids, and maintaining the general orderliness of the church.

Training and Ongoing Formation:
Participate in training sessions provided by the parish on ushering responsibilities, liturgical practices, and emergency procedures.
Engage in ongoing formation to stay informed about changes in procedures or parish policies.

Hospitality Ministry:
Foster a sense of hospitality by being approachable and available to assist newcomers or those unfamiliar with the parish.
Encourage a spirit of community and fellowship within the parish.

Ushers play a vital role in ensuring that the worship environment is conducive to prayer, reverence, and community. Their attentiveness and welcoming demeanor contribute significantly to the overall liturgical experience for parishioners and visitors alike.

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